Cagney’s Top Ten Tips on how to be FABULOUS at Halloween

Hopping Mermaid By Tess

Hopping Mermaid By Tess

  1. Do not leave it to the last minute to buy a costume – else you’ll be going as a penguin or even worse, a pumpkin.
  2. Okay, so my friend, Ella, had this mermaid costume that was super cute but she couldn’t actually walk in it and had to hop everywhere. The rule is, if you can’t walk in it, don’t buy it. Nobody wants to be trick-or-treating with a hopping mermaid!
  3. Make sure you have a big enough bag! Make sure the bag has sturdy handles.
  4. Make sure you can be seen in the dark (okay, Lissy made me put this in – but there are some super cute stickers that glow in the dark and let’s face it, getting run over on Halloween would be really annoying).
  5. While we’re talking safety, don’t run (of course if you’re wearing a mermaid costume you won’t have to worry about this). It’s way too easy to trip in the dark – believe me, I know about this.
  6. Don’t bang at the door if the light is off – no candy for you!
  7. If the candy is not wrapped don’t eat it – you never know if anything icky got in it.
  8. Remember, dogs are allergic to chocolate – make sure your pooch is kept well away from all treats.
  9. Make sure you know who is meeting who and where. There’s nothing worse than not being able to find your friends in the dark and no-one wants to trick or treat alone, or worse, with your brother.
  10. No matter how ridiculous they look – do not laugh at adults in costumes – I’ve heard it can get you in serious trouble.

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