About the Author

sam_bond-0365-editSam is my aunt. She’s the one who wrote the books about me and my cousins. She’s pretty cool. I’m going to let her have the rest of this tab to tell you about her books (which are really amazing, btw, and you should absolutely buy, if you haven’t already). But first I should tell you that Sam likes to play board games, always has her nose stuck in a book and is English, which means she has the coolest accent ever and gets to visit England all the time. She also likes to sing, swim and her favorite color is pink – what were the chances!


Hello, my name is Sam and my niece, Lissy, has very kindly let me have space on her website to tell you a little about myself and the books I have written about the five cousins.

I was born in London, raised in Shropshire and currently live in Austin.

I love making lists, so here are ten things you might not know about me.

  1. I hate to shop.
  2. I love snakes
  3. I was once chased by a Komodo Dragon.
  4. My favorite food is double cream.
  5. I call and talk to my mother almost every day.
  6. Once I tried to trapeze. It did not go well.
  7. I am never happier than when I am walking in the woods.
  8. I run two book clubs.
  9. I have visited 35 countries.
  10. My favorite composer is Edward Elgar.

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