Cousins In Action – Operation Golden Llama

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“I loved this book!  I want all of my friends to read it. It was the best book I’ve read since Harry Potter” – Rosie, age ten, MA

“This was the worst bedtime book we have ever read, as every night Sophie would beg for just one more chapter.  By the end of the week, we were exhausted.” – Sarah, mom to Sophie, age seven, TX

“I want to tell you that, that book might have been the best children’s book I have ever read!!!”  It was so influential, I loved it!!”  I would like you to make a series I would read them every day!!!!  Maybe you could even visit our school and meet us!!!” – Lily, age ten, NH

“Really easy to read and keeps the attention. Nice characterisation of individuals which is kept throughout…. Overall I’m impressed. It has a nice sense of humour running through and the pace is good especially once they leave the hotel.” – Sylvia, UK

“Your book is awesome!” – Hannah, age ten, TX

“I love how the story unfolded. It’s cool that they actually saw the legendary gold but didn’t end up with it. The mystery still remains! I loved their escape onto the llamas… at first Hannah was drawn to the book because it was so funny. Now, the plot has become suspenseful. She can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen. Me either!” Cathy, mom to Hannah, age eight, TX

“The characters are engaging and the storyline is both educational and interesting, a hard combination to achieve.” – Zoey, mother of four, TX

“Wow.  This story is so good on so many levels.  First, you received the very highest possible compliment from Rosie:  “It was like Harry Potter, I just wanted you to keep reading and reading and reading.”  This is true.  I would say, “Okay, that’s enough for now,” and she would say, “Please, just one more chapter, please, please?!?” … “Anyhow I wanted to say once again how much I loved the story and I really hope you publish it (even self-publish if necessary) and get it out there!” – Deb, mom to Rosie, age ten, MA

“My class LOVED your book… and I did too!!  They begged me to read more.  I loved the characters …and all of the information about Peru.  The kids wrote you letters.  They’d love to hear from you.  You are definitely a celebrity to them… and me too” – Barbara, Fourth Grade Teacher, NH

“That was better than Harry Potter.” … “Publish it soon or the world will perish” – Ariana, age eleven, TX

“I loved your book and I want you to write another book … I’ve never been to Peru, but I think it is cool in your book how you explained it.  I DO want you to write another book about the cousins.  And maybe it could be about Egypt next time.  And can you come visit our class PLEASE I really want to meet you.” – Serena, age ten, NH

“We’re halfway through. You’ve got Carmen (and me) hooked. Every night we read a chapter or two!” – Alex, RI

“We both LOVE YOUR BOOK.  Thanks so much for letting us be some of the first readers.” – Pamela, mom to Brent, age ten, TX

“So, the book. I read it. You said to be brutally honest right??   Well…….I loved it!  I read it on the train last night and laughed out loud a couple of times. The person sitting next to me thought I was crazy.” – Shell, NY

“Sloane heard your adventure book at school today and wants to know where she can buy it?” – Rachael, mom to Sloane, age seven, TX

“Ari loved the quirky parents, and thought the book was like creamy broth.  The occasional thicker bit (information), but all in all very good.  She wants to read a sequel and thought the length was just right and very funny.” – Lynn, mom to Ari, age eleven, TX

“It’s got good characters, lessons for social studies, and a good mystery.”– Nonnie, mother of three, MI

“I liked it a lot, funny, amusing, adventurous, love it.” – Consuelo, mother of two, Chile

“Tess was very very very very very very funny.” – Dylan, age ten, NH

“I have never seen my kids so excited about a book.  They were literally jumping up and down.” – Julie, mother of two, TX

“I loved the book you wrote … I just wanted to read more and more.  My favorite character was Lissy.  I liked her because she was fun and resourceful and always had a plan.” – Kate, age ten, NH

“Taylor asked me as soon as he got off of the bus if I would email you to ask you for a copy of your book so we could finish reading it at home.”  – Melyssa, mom to Taylor, age seven, TX

“I loved the book you wrote.  If there was a rating I would give it a 100.” – Ashalyn, age ten, NH

“I really liked the book you made! … The funniest part was when Aidan put on the pink polka dotted sweater! … I would really want to read another book about the cousins and really hope you will make another book.” – Lauren, age ten, NH

“A children’s book that has it all – suspense, humor, information, and most important of all, a high interest level (even for adults). Five Cousins is truly enjoyable and informative to read.” – Mrs. Keith, Former Elementary School Reading Instructor with experience in supplementary reading textbook adoptions.

“This book was awesome and funny.  I think it should get published…I could read that book over and over.  Can you come and visit our class some day?” – Stacey, age ten, NH

“I just read your book and I loved it. I thought it was darling and very suspenseful. It really made me nervous that those kids were traipsing around South America without a grandma, but I guess that means it was very real to me and the picture of what was going on was painted realistically.” – Terri, mother of three, TX

“I finished your book! It’s great–I would say perfect for 2nd and 3rd graders.” –Mrs. Foley, Elementary School Librarian, TX

“The book is great, really great. The characters are engaging, individual, funny and lovable. The story whizzes along and the mystery is intriguing. The info/details about Peru read naturally and it is fascinating and funny seeing it all through the eyes of the cousins.” – Sheila

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