So you think you can dance?

Claire 4Hi Everyone, Olivia here back with another ‘so you think you can …’

This week I interviewed Claire who is a talented ballerina.

Claire is originally from Fujian and now lives in Virginia with her family. She has three siblings, Joe (26), Salm, (24) and a sister, Sydney, who is also thirteen and who was also adopted from China.

Claire has been in an Advanced Academic program since third grade, is a straight A student (her favorite subject is French), and has also been inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. It seems Claire comes from a very talented family as her sister, Sydney, also competed at state level in gymnastics.

After seeing some amazing pictures of Claire I asked her the following questions:

O:  How old were you when you started ballet?

C:  My sister and I both started ballet and gymnastics at three. Sydney was more of a gymnast, while I was more of a ballet dancer.

Claire 2


O:  Which is your favorite ballet and why?

C:  I don’t really have a favorite, but I really like Swan Lake, Gisele, Sleeping Beauty, and Don Quixote because the music is really beautiful.

O:   Of all the roles you’ve performed, which is your favorite?

C:  I loved being a Party Child in The Nutcracker!

O:  Do you want to be a professional ballerina or are you planning to go into another profession?

C:  I love dancing – but since I was very small I have always wanted to be a veterinarian.

O:  What’s the hardest thing about being a ballet dancer?

C:  Having the motivation and dedication to train every day.

O:  How often and for how long do you train?

C:  After school, six days per week, at least two hours each day.

Claire 7

O:  Have you ever been injured?

C:  No, but I had Os Trigonum, which is usually an issue only for ballet dancers and divers – because of the way they flex their feet. I had to have surgery to remove an extra bone in my foot. Now I’m fine!

O:  What would you like to tell other girls and boys who are thinking of becoming ballet dancers?

C:  That you have to sacrifice a lot of your social life for it and it is extremely hard, but that the people you meet through ballet make it worthwhile.

Olivia – thanks for the interview, Claire. I love animals, so was excited to hear you wanted to become a vet. Good luck with your studies and your dancing!

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