We’ve had lots of readers asking for more info on our family, so I decided to do a series of interviews so you can learn a little more about us.

Our family spends a lot of holidays together, so I thought I’d start by interviewing them to find out which holiday they liked best.


L. Aidan, what’s your favorite holiday?

A. I really like Christmas, we have a big family and we all get together and play games and all our dads cook – that’s always fun to be around. Plus, your dad always sits by the fire and reads us Twas The Night Before Christmas. Course, I’m a bit too old for that now, but it’s still kind of nice.

L. I like it when he reads The Pirates Night Before Christmas.

A. Aaargh!


L. I was a bit shocked when Olivia told me her favorite holiday, but it soon become apparent why. Olivia, what holiday do you like best?

O. Definitely Valentines.

L. Really? Can I ask why?

O. Sure, for the past three years I’ve sent Cagney prank Valentine cards. She has absolutely no idea!That’s always the best.

L. You know she’s probably going to read this, right?

O. Oh, yeah, probably best not to mention the cards then. I’ll go with fourth of July – lots of rockets.


L. Tess, do you have a favorite holiday?

T. Yes.

L. Would you like to tell us which one.

T. The ones with food.

L. Any holiday in particular?

T. (after a long pause) Easter. Grandma Callie always hides a gazillion Easter eggs in the garden and coz I’m the youngest she always lets me head into the garden a good twenty minutes before everyone else.

L. I would have laid money on you saying, Halloween.

T. (another long pause). This is not as easy as you made out, Lissy.


L. Cagney, what’s your favorite time of the year with the family?

C. September 3rd.

L. Would you like to tell us why?

C. Coz it’s my birthday – duh! It’s the only time I don’t have to share stuff with you lot. It’s all about me, all day. What could be better?

L. Excellent. Oh and just one more thing, Olivia insists you read this blog.

C. Yeah, like that is going to happen!

L. So folks, that just leaves me. I think my favorite holiday is definitely Thanksgiving. I really like how our family cooks together and gathers around the table before eating and tells each other what we are thankful for. Cagney, of course, is normally thankful for her latest pair of shoes, but our moms and dads always come up with really great stuff they are thankful for. We also often have friends spending Thanksgiving with us and Grandma, of course, and after dinner we head to the Middle School field and play tag football. In the last couple of years we’ve played kids against adults. I won’t tell you who wins, but needless to say, we hold out hope that one day, it will be us!

2 thoughts on “Holidays

  1. Haha! That is great! I love holidays. On Valentine’s Day we have spaghetti dinner (red food! sometimes with heart shaped meatballs) with Valentine cards and heart shaped candy boxes form me (mom) because I never could convince “Dad” that the heart shaped box is important. 😉

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