Happy New Year

Hi Guys, Lissy here.
Welcome to my first blog post of 2014! Since I last wrote, both Tess and I celebrated our birthdays (which are just four days apart) and the five of us had a fun time at Christmas opening our present from Aunt Sam – CIA bracelets that she made for us! See if you can guess whose is whose?

CIA Bracelets

It’s also been a busy time for my aunt, who is now editing her next book set in India. Olivia and Tess say it’s best not to go anywhere near her when she’s working and Tess has asked several times what the word – crisis, deadline and a couple of other words that I won’t mention – mean!

It is the season of giving, and so my Aunt Sam wanted to do something nice for someone and chose a really cool charity to donate money to. The charity is called Half The Sky and I’m really glad she chose it, as it helps lots of little girls in China who have no mom or dad to look after them. Instead, Half The Sky pays for really nice ladies to look after the children and give them love.

Anyhow, I thought you’d like to know that a portion of the sales from Cousins In Action is going to a good home. Check out their website if you get a chance – it has the most adorable pictures on it.

Wishing you all a happy and adventurous 2014.
Your friend, Lissy.

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